hotels in Nashik

Nashik is the very beautiful city which is located in the western Ghats of Maharashtra. Nashik Provides refreshinfg alternatives. If you are passionate about the nature and willing to live the graceful atmosphere the Nashik is the best option for you.

This beautiful city is situated on the bank of river Godavari, which is at an altitude of 565 meter above the sea level. The city is surrounded by the lush of green trees, high hills and holly rivers. Nashik is famous for many renowned activities like Kumbh Mela, Kalsarpa Pooja etc. It houses one of twelve Jyotirling which is inbscribed in Trimbakeshwar Temple

Nashik is home to the many religious sites. It is one of the pilgrimage centers of Hindus. Most of the Hindus visits Nashik To offer pooja to lord Shankar and there are many ancient heritage sites that was once a part of great epic ‘Ramayana’.

Apart from that, there are many place in Nashik to view and explore. It shows different shades of Indian Culture.Most of the Tourists prefer hotels in Nashik near Panchavati, for more convenience. To enjoy all the above places you just need to choose good hotels in Nashik. 


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