Shimla, a Legendary Hill Station in Northern India

Shimla is the very beautiful hill station which is located in Northern state of India Himachal Pradesh. It is also a capital city of the state. There are several hill stations in North India and all of them are beautiful but Shimla has got something different. The snow capped mountain and enchanting beauty of Shimla made it popular place among all the hill stations.


Shimla was once a summer capital of India during British Rule in 1864 and after independence i.e. in 1947 it was the capital of Punjab and later on in 1961 it became capital of Himachal Pradesh. God has sanctified whole natural beauty on Shimla. As it retains colonial heritage, it is different than the other hill stations.


There are several places in Shimla to explore and feel it. Apart from the cool climate, and the picturesque beauty and existence of many attractive spots around it, its popularity had a boost due to its accessibility by train. There are so many things to do, so much to see, one can get fully entertain while taking a journey by toy train. An amazing journey through the toy train can be itself a source of enjoyment for those who don’t have time constraints. This journey covers a narrow track covering 96 km between Kalka and Shimla is an unforgettable experience.

What to visit in Shimla?

• The Mall (Mall Road)


• The Ridge


• Christ Church


• The Scandal


• Vice regal Lodge


• State Museum


All these places are very famous place in Shimla especially Mall road of Shimla. It is the prime attraction of Shimla for strolling, eating and purchasing. It is the place which is free from vehicular traffic; the evenings are full of local people as also of tourists. The main attraction on this mall road is Himachal Emporium having local handicrafts including pottery and jeweller items. As it is one of the famous place in Shimla most of the tourists prefers hotels in Shimla near Mall road.

Apart from that Mall road, each and every locality of Shimla is just filled with numerous hotels, restaurants and lodges. As Shimla is one of the favourite destinations of the tourists there is more demand for the hotels in Shimla. There are many hotels of several categories like 5 star, 4 stars, 3 star all of them provides good facility in reasonable rates.


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