Nagpurians Enjoying Rain as Ambazari Lake Overflows

This time some regions of Nagpur had to face heavy rainfall. Though the heavy downpour has caused worry in many quarters, Nagpurians are making the most of the overflowing Ambazari Lake. The overflow point of the lake has turned into a picnic spot frequented by merrymakers since the last fortnight.

ImageUsually, in a place like Nagpur Going out with friends means sitting in a cafe at most sitting on the Futala Lake Promenade. It was totally fun to have a new hangout for the last few days. People’s perspective of Going to Ambazari has changed because of the water-flow.

ImageCrowds of college students and families can be seen splashing in the waters even as many others prefer taking in the scene from the banks. Most of them have welcomed the change in the city from being boiling hot just a couple of months back to having a waterfall to frolic in. A majority of them are college students.


Many of the locals were bringing their children to the spot so they could enjoy without being cooped up in front of a television or computer screen. While the crowds made merry, the police are having a difficult time controlling traffic congestion and rowdiness at the spot. Traffic police officers along with some personnel from Ambazari police station are stationed there.

This is the first time that Nagpur is experiencing such thing. Apart From the Ambazari Lake there are many more places in Nagpur to see like, Futala Lake, Diksha Bhoomi, Dragon Palace, Ramtek Totladoh Dam etc. It is one of the best cities to live in. There are several malls, shops, restaurants and hotels in Nagpur. You can see detail Info about Nagpur hotels, here. There are many things to do and enjoy. Though it has not any beach like Mumbai and Goa. But Nagpurkars are happy with this Ambazari Lake


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