Munnar, Pinnacle of Greenery


There are so many places in India that can be visited during holidays. Most of the people north India to explore the nature. But now days enchanting beauty of south attracting tourists more towards it. South India is blessed with supernatural beauty which has unique flavor of culture and traditions.


South India has so many places that would blow you away like Kerala, Ooty, Coonnoor, and Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore and many more. All these are the best locations to visit to make your holidays special. But if, you are confuse between the destinations in South then you don’t even have to bother about the cities when Amazing place like Munnar is there. It is the beautiful city which is located in the Idukki district of Kerala.


Due its pleasant weather and stunning views it always draws swamp of tourists throughout the year. Munnar is the perfect place to spend holidays and vacations. The city got its name from the three rivers on the convergence of which it is located. It offers eye-catching views to tourists. Its sloppy peaks, high mountains, unspoiled forest, and chilling springs will make your day.


Apart from its stunning beauty this place is famous for the plantation of Tea. Munnar has huge contribution in the production of tea in India. Besides this Munnar offers very enormous activities like Sightseeing, trekking, boating, mountain biking and so many. It has something for everyone visiting the place. Its unspoiled beauty makes it paradise for the people those are passionate about the nature.Image

This amazing place is mostly famous among the honeymooners. Many of them visit Munnar in Monsoon. Nobody can map the beauty of Munnar in monsoon. All these plus points has made Munnar one of the most favorite places of the tourists. That has increases the demand of hotels and lodges in Munnar, click here if you want detail info of it. Due to this most of the economy of Munnar is depending upon the tourism.


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