How two Choose 2 Star Hotels in Shirdi?

Shirdi is the very popular pilgrimage centre of Hindus which is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. It is famous for the temple of Sai Baba which is built over the Samadhi of Sai Baba.It is the sacred town which is visited by numerous visitors from all over India.


The temple of Sai Baba was constructed in 1922, after the death of Sai Baba. It is the holy place of India. Sai Baba has many followers who follow his ideologies. He taught moral of love, helping, devotion etc.


It is said that Sai Baba entered Shirdi at the age of 16, at starting he found shelter in Khandoba temple, later on he started living in mosque. Sai Baba remained in Shirdi till his Death. When he came in Shirdi one of the villagers recognized him as a Muslim saint and greeted him as a ‘ Ya Sai’, means welcome Sai.


Sai Baba was the greatest admiration and inspiration for the people of India. As he was the very famous saint in India. Most of the people follows his ideologies. And because of this this beautiful holy place is visited by number of devotees. To help the devotees and to maintain the ambiance the committee is formed, which helps them for the lodging and boarding. But as the place remain crowded every time there is more demand for hotels in Shirdi.


In Shirdi, several good hotels and lodges are available in the town that ranges from budget to five stars and in every region we can get good hotels. Shirdi is the place which is visited by so many visitors with tight budget and by those also who can spend more money and that is why hotels are available in every region. Many tourists prefer to book hotels in advance because availability of rooms is very rare as the land is visited by many thousands of tourists in every season.

For choosing best hotels in Shirdi I would suggest to book hotels in advance and there is number of travel portal available which provides online booking facility for tourists. On internet you will find number of sites that provides online booking facility. In Shirdi, you will find many stars, 4 stars, 2 star hotels that are also one of the preferred hotels in the city.


2 star hotels are mostly preferable by tourists because they are more affordable with all the basic amenities. These hotels provide excellent facilities to their customers and some good hotels also provide transportation facilities also. One can easily reach to Shirdi as it is well connected by all the transportation facilities. This is very near from the city of Mumbai and Pune.

Generally, people use to prefer 2 star hotels in Shirdi, as it is affordable as well as easily available too. Here is the list of some top 2 star hotels in Shirdi: Some of the most popular and preferred 2 star hotels in Shirdi are as follows,

Hotel Name Location Price Rating
Hotel Green View Hotel Green View is located at Shirdi Manmad-Highway & Very Close to Sai Mandir . 750 onwards 2 star
Hotel Sai Ganesh Hotel Sai Ganesh  is about 1.5 km from the Sai Baba temple 1,148


2 star
Hotel Sai Ashoka It is about 1 km from the Sai Baba Temple 820


2 star

If you want more information about 2 star hotels in Shirdi, then click here.


2 thoughts on “How two Choose 2 Star Hotels in Shirdi?

  1. Nice Blog ! Guiding the low budget sector of sai devotees in selecting their hotels, the tips provided by the writer will surely prove to be useful to the new comers as well as those devotees who are visiting the abode of Saibaba frequently. Keep on posting such helpful write ups.

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