Lost in the Gleam of Dalhousie by Making it Your Holiday Destination


There are many places in India that we can explore in our holidays. We can get lots of different things and exotic destinations to see and explore in India. South India is famous for its culture, beauty of beaches and its customs while north and east India is famous for its unique beauty, and stunning views.


Dalhousie is such a place which will blow your mind away. It is the main attraction in Himachal Pradesh after Shimla, Kullu and Manali. It is the beautiful place which is located in the Himachal Pradesh which is the beautiful northern state of India. It is located at an altitude of 9000 feet.


This place is named after then British governor- General, Lord Dalhousie. He found this place in 1854, because its fresh and peaceful atmosphere enchanted him. I can suggest this place for those who love the quiet and serene atmosphere. It is an ideal place for honeymooners those who like long walks and treks. This is really a beautiful place, a long, romantic walk through the foggy roads of Dalhousie with your partner made your trip more special and unforgettable.

Main Attractions in Dalhousie

• Bakhrota Hills
• St. John’s Church
• Panchpula
• Mani Mahesh
• Bharmaur
• Kalatop
• Bhuri Singh Museum


As this place was founded during British era, you can get many royal, classic, bungalows here which are made in English style. The calm, peaceful and romantic climate of Dalhousie helps you to rid of all your tensions and worries. The modern town of Dalhousie is situated among the five hills facing the Pir Panjal ranges of snow capped mountains which is surrounded by thick forests of deodar and pine trees.


Things to do

• Sightseeing
• Trekking
• Paragliding
• River Rafting
• Boating


Dalhousie is radiates an old-world charm and it seems like it hasn’t quite caught up with the rest of the world yet. It is tourist favorite place and one of the renowned places in Himachal Pradesh. Most of the economy of Dalhousie depends on tourism. Due to which Dalhousie hotels are in great demand. Warm hearted people of Dalhousie and beautiful pleasant weather makes these place more beautiful in true ways.



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