Kempty Fall, Must Visit Spot in Mussoorie


Mussoorie is the very famous hill station in Uttarakhand India. It is the very beautiful place which is located at 2000 mts above the sea level and it is around 35 km from the capital city Dehradun. This Queen of hills is situated on the base of Himalayas mountain . As it has beautiful environment throughout the year and that why it is more popular among tourists.


God has sanctified all beauty of nature on Mussoorie. It is surrounded by the high green mountains , Lush green trees. Whatever type of travellers you are whichever age group you belong to. Mussoorie has everything for its user . You can feel the difference in air as you get in Mussoorie. The name of this splendid place is derive from the plants of Mussoorie or shrub ‘Mussoorie‘ which are available in large quantities in this region. Mussoorie has many things to visit and explore, Kempty Fall is one of them.

It is the very famous fall which is located at an altitude of 4,500 ft. It is among the popular locations in Mussoorie. This is the beautiful waterfall which falls from a height of about 40 ft from a mountain and it is situated on way between Dehradun – Mussoorie path. Due to its Panoramic and surrounding views,in 1935, John Mekinam had developed this stunning place as a tourists destination.


The name of the place is derived from Camp-tea, the place where Britishers organised tea parties during their ruling period.This falls is one of the largest among five down rushing falls, which flows down through various rocks and finally enters into the plains. While going 12 km downhill and after crossing the Aglar River, tourists can also reach the Yamuna River. Further, the site is also popular for swimming and fishing activities.


This place is visited by the tourists for taking bath under the falls and for enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding. Because of the easy accessibility this place has been famous among the tourists, that ultimately increases the demand of hotels near Kempty fall Mussoorie. Travellers can easily reach the destination by hiring taxis or buses, which regularly operate from Mussoorie as well as Dehradun.



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