Trip to cultural capital of Karnataka,Mysore


Mysore is the beautiful royal place situated in the southern state of India, Karnataka. If you are passionate about the royal architecture and want to experience the Royal culture then city of palaces i.e. Mysore is the best option for you. It is the city which has historical background. It is located in the Karnataka which is one of the southern state of the India. It is having large number of palaces due to which it is known as the ‘City of Palaces’.


Mysore covered the total area of 124.84 sq km. As it has royal architecture and pleasant weather through out the year it attracts numerous visitors from all over the world. The number of visitors visiting this place is near about same to the number of tourists visiting Taj Mahal.

Points of Attraction

  • 1) Mysore Palace
  • 2) Zoo
  • 3) Karanji lake (Butterfly park)
  • 4) Chamundi Hills
  • 5) Chamunda Devi Temple

The beautiful city of Mysore is generally famous for the celebration of the Dasehara festival. Many people came to city just to enjoy the royal celebration of this festival. It is held for total 9 days in the month of September and October every year in the famous Brindavan Garden which is about 15 km from Mysore. The beautiful place of Mysore is located 770 m above the sea level. It attracts the tourist from all over the world . This beautiful city is an outstanding example of the beautiful architecture.


The region retains the name of the slain demon; the name Mysore is the anglicized version of Mahisuru. The temple of the goddess is located at the top of the Chamunda hills on the base of which beautiful city of Mysore is located. It is also famous as Sandalwood city, all the places in Mysore offers eye catching views , especially the royal Mysore Palace when it is illuminated by lights, which is the reason many people come to visit the Sandalwood city just to explore the beauty of Mysore.


And due to all these factors most of the economy of Mysore is depend on the tourism. Cause of which hotels in Mysore is prime need. There are many accommodation options are available. Numerous hotels are there which provide with all the basic amenities.


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