HI-Tech City, Identity of Hyderabad


Hyderabad is the very popular city in southern state of India, Andhra Pradesh. The city is renowned for its historical background and unique culture which has a little shade of Nizam and Mughal culture. The city is home to the very popular Telugu film industry  Ramoji Film city.  Hyderabad is renowned for the the different software training institutions cause of which large number of students migrate in Hyderabad.


In late 2000, when Bangalore was developing as an IT city of India, then chief minister of Andhra Pradesh decided to provide an  infrastructure  to investment of the software companies that would be also helping in development of The state. And This is how HI-Tech city in Hyderabad got established.


HI-Tech city is an abbreviation for the  Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering consultancy city, which is a technology township in Hyderabad. Due to this Hyderabad is rapidly growing in terms of Information Technology. HI-Tech city is home to the several IT companies like Wipro, Honeywell, TCS, cognizant, Blue star, IBM, HCL , software giant Microsoft and many more.


It is constructed in a different phases. Cyber Tower is the first phase of HI-Tech city. It serves many companies like App Labs, Microsoft, Patni, Oracle, Ge Capital and many more. This whole tower is divided in 4 quadrants which has large fountain in the middle of it. The second phase is Cyber Gateway . That comprises over 60,500 sq m of office space across 8 acres of Land with a glass façade, landscaped gardens, and waiting lounge.


L&T Info city is the first IT park in HI-Tech city., that houses major software companies like Accenture, Microsoft, Oracle etc. Apart from all these IT Parks there many small and large IT parks which are housing most of the companies. Cause of all this it has visitors from all over India, which ultimately increases need of Hotels near HI-Tech city.


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