Ratnagiri , Konkan city in Maharashtra


Ratnagiri is the beautiful city in Maharashtra, India. It is the district city, which is located in the southwestern part of Maharashtra on the coast of an Arabian sea. It is the small district city but having large number of options to attract travelers. It is the evergreen city and one of the famous tourist spot in Maharashtra.

It is blessed with the different tourists assets, like rising hills on the east, deep Arabian sea on the west, hot springs, waterfalls, rivers, creeks, forests and many more. All these points attracts tourists from the entire country. It is also a birthplace of Lokamanya Tilak and many well known Indian personalities who had sacrificed their lives in the war because of which this port city has acquired remarkable place in history of India.

Ratnagiri offers refreshing environment to its visitors. Its beautiful seashore, pleasant weather and unspoiled forests makes your trip unforgettable. The sun kissed beaches of white silvery sands, hemmed with swaying coconut palms, and ever green lustrous mangroves, makes Ratnagiri a dream destination to nature lovers. Due to which , most of the economy of the Ratnagiri is depend upon the tourism.


Tourists Attraction in Ratnagiri

Places Of Devotion: Ganpatipule, Hedvi, Parshuram [Chiplun], Hatis, Velneshwar, and Rajapur
Rock Shelter: Sangameshwar, Panhalekazi
Sea Banks: Kelshi, Guhaghar, Murud, Palshet, Velneshwar, Harne, Purnagad and Ganpatipule
Birth Place Of Prominant Personalities: Malgund, Ratnagiri, Palgad, Dapoli
Forts: Bankot, Ambolgad, Mandangad, Ratnadurg, Jaigad, Mahipatgad
Water Falls: Parshuram, Marleshwar, Prachitgad, Unhavare, Tural, Aravali.


All of these places are very beautiful places and mostly visited by the tourists. To enjoy all this you just to choose good hotels in Ratnagiri for comfortable staying. From Ratnagiri we can also visits some of the exotic locations like

  • Goval ghat
  • Hatlot ghat
  • Tivare ghat
  • Amba ghat
  • Anaskura ghat
  • Vanadi valley

Ratnagiri is also very famous for the king of Mangoes i.e. Delicious golden Happus (Alphonso) mangoes. The heavy rainfall results into highly eroded landscape in the coastal region. Fertile alluvial valleys produce rice and coconut as the main crops. Fruits and cashew nut cultivation is being promoted in this region.


The sprawling city is endowed with the majestic hills, appealing seashore , cascading waterfalls and many of the historical and glorious monuments. The beauty of Konkan and the pleasant atmosphere make this locality a best place to explore the nature. A unique hill station with a mountainous terrain, trance plains and garish structures, Ratnagiri is a sure destination to enjoy these vacations.


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