Visit Central India for Tiger Safari


India is the very beautiful country which is famous for its customs, traditions, rituals, and languages. All this aspects makes India truely incredible. There is one more thing for which India is very Famous i.e. For its Tiger population. Many people visit India for experincing the thrill ogf Jungle Safari. And this is because according to the survey India is home to the 40% population of the world’s Tiger.

There are around 42 reserves in India. All of these are governed by the project tiger which is authirized by National Tiger conservation Authority. It is said that “ God created cat so that Man can feel the pleasure of careesing the Tigers”. India is home to the many of the National Parks which offer you a panoramaic view of the Jungle and Tigers. Here are some of the National Parks in Central India, which are renowned for Tiger Safari.


  •  Bandhavgadh National Park

This is the Very famous national Park , which is located in the Madhy Pradesh State of India . This Park is very famous because sightseeing of Tigers is very easy from this Park. Because area of around 100 meter is directly open for the tourist. It is located 200km in the north east of Jabalpur. In addition to the Tiger it is famous for the leopards, sloth bears, jackals, birds. And many other different species of animals. The park is surrounded by the dense green valleys and rocky hills/. The best time to visit this park is between March to June when the lots of animals including tigers come out to cool themselves in grass .


  •  Kanha National Park

This Park is situated in Madhya Pradesh. It is about 160 km from the south east of Jabalpur. It is surrounded by the lush green of Bamboo forests and grassy meadows which provides iinspiration to Rudyard Kipling for his famous novel Jungle Book. Tiger sightings is very frequent here. Apaart from the tiger this Park is famous for the swamps deer (Barahsingha), and different species of Flora and Fauna. It is the most well maintained National Park in Asia.


  • Pench National Park

Pench National Park is located near Seoni District which is in Southern Madhya Pradesh. This park is near about 80 km from Nagpur. Tigers are seen very frequent in this Park. It is very famous for the animals like leopards, Jungle cats, small indian civets, Sambar and Nilgiri can be seen very easily. The best time to vist this park is from February to April . It remains closed during the Month of July to September.


There are many accommodation options are available, several sites are there which provides safari booking that also in good rates . If you are willing to feel the thrill in Jungle the you must visit these parks at least once in your life.For more details about the Tiger Safari Click Here.


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