Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, One of the divine Temple in India


Shirdi is the one of the blessed place which is located in the Ahmadnagar district in Maharashtra, India. It is one of the pilgrimage centres in India which is about 100 km From the Nasik. It is home to the Sai Baba Temple, which is one of the richest temple organizations in the world. Devotees of Sai Baba visit this place from all over the world.

The enormous temple was built in 1922, over the Samadhi of Sai Baba who was the late 19th century guru (saint). He entered Shirdi when he was 16, He remained their till his death. He used to live in Khandoba temple where one of the villagers Mahalsapati recognized hi, as a Muslim saint and greeted him with a Muslim word ‘Ya Sai’, which means welcome Sai.


When he was young he used to sit motionless for meditating under the Neem Tree. He was the very popular saint especially in India; he was worshipped by people around the world. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping other, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to god. He’s teaching combined elements of Hinduism and Islam. The birth place and earlier life of Sai Baba is covered in the History.


The spiritual Guru and a fakir, shri Sai Baba was regarded with the great admiration by both Hindus and Muslim followers, because he lived in a mosque and after his death his body was cremated in a temple. People believed him as an embodiment of Lord Shiva. Each and every corner of the Shirdi is associated with the great saint Sai baba. Even today the Samadhi of Sai Baba is visited by Lack of tourists from all across the world.


Because, of Sai Baba, It has become a place of importance and is counted among the major Hindu places of pilgrimages. Many devotees visit the place especially on Thursday. To help the devotees and for maintaining the ambience a committee is formed which is named as ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ trust. It helps in arranging lodging and boarding facilities for Devotees. Almost all of the time place remain crowded, as all of the followers of Sai Baba come here, to get blessed by him. So it is quite hard to get the Bhaktanivas (lodges) this is the reason many people prefers to stay in Hotels. There are more than 150 hotels in Shirdi near temple, which provide quality service with good ambience.


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