Shaniwar wada – Haunted fort in Pune


Pune is one of the largest city in Maharashtra state of India after Mumbai. It is renowned for itsculture, educational institutions, job opportunities, that attracts students and people migrating from all over India and abroad and the historical places, like,Sinhgad fort, Parvati, Sarasbag , Aga khan palace,PataleshwarCaves temple and Shanirwada fort.

About Shaniwarwada


Shaniwar wada is one of the historical fort in the Pune. It is situated near the Mula-Mutha River in KasbaPeth. The construction of the fort was started in 1730, by the rulers of  Maratha empire, Peshwas. It was the seat of them. Peshwas were the rulers of Maratha Empire, until, they surrender themselves to British that is till 1818. It was named Shaniwar Wada from the Marathi words, Shanivar means Saturday and Wada is a general huge residence complex. It was completely built by Teak and Stone. All the teak and stones were brought from the jungles of junnar(village in pune) and the nearby quarries of chinchwad, which is a town in Pune. The construction was completed in 1732. Later on,Peshwas made several additions including the fortification walls with bastions and gates court halls and other buildings, fountains and reservoirs. Currently,fortification wall has five gateways and nine bastion towers, enclosing a garden complex with the foundations of the original buildings.

It is said that full moon nights are very much haunted in Shaniwarwada. There is a story behind this, according to an old story this fort  is haunted by a prince.He was assassinated brutally, when he was 13 by the order of one of his relative. His assassins chased him all across the fort, the boy started yelling again and again, “Kaka, mala vachva!”(Marathi Waord means – Uncle, save me!) and even today locals say that they hear his cries for help at midnight on every new moon day. The fort was largely destroyed itself in fire in1828, but, the survived structure are now maintained as a tourist site.

Other Places to visit in pune

Apart from shaniwar wada there are many other fabulous places in Pune near Shaniwar Wada like

  • Aga khan Palace
  • Pataleshwar cave Temple
  • Darshan Museum
  • Parvati Temple

Tourist who visited Shaniwar Wada should also visit above places.


Where to stay?

Shaniwar Wada is situated in Kasbahpeth. The popular areas, like, Shivaji nagar, Deccan gymkhana, Sangamwadi are near from shaniwar wadah.If you are visiting Shaniwarwada, you can have an option to stay in these areas .Shivaji nagar is a popular area in pune which has one of the railway station amongst the Pune.The area is always crowded by tourist and roads are lined by small hotels, shops , cafes and malls.  There are many popular hotels in shivaji nagar, which provide basic facilities in reasonable rates.There are also mini cottages, small lodges and  popular hotels near Deccan gymkhana and Sangamwadi. You can have some of these options to stay and explore such many more places like Shaniwar Wada.


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