Eastern City of Pune –Viman Nagar



Viman nagar is the area in the Pune, which is located to east side of the Pune, this is the reason, it is also known as the eastern corridor of the Pune. Viman nagar has got its name from the air force office of the Pune, which is next to it.

Importance of Viman Nagar

The area of Viman nagar is 6-7 km from the main city Pune, railway station. It comes under the jurisdictionof PMC(Pune Municipal Corporation).Like, other areas in Pune Viman nagar is also developing rapidly. Previously, it was a small area, which included residential quartersof air-force only, but, now, it’s been one of the famous residential area of Pune, which has developed highly. Apart from the air-force offices. It also has two large IT Parks.

  1. Giga-space
  2. Weikfield IT city

According to the survey of Times of India, Viman nagar has the highest rates for the residential flats.It is quite expensive than other areas of Pune. In past days, localize people of Viman nagar had to go to city for small purposes, at that time, it was lacking the basic amenities, but, in now days, whole scenario has been changed. Viman nagar, itself contain number of malls, shops, hotels, small industries and lastly main air-force office in the Pune, which has increased the economic value of this area. The biggest mall like in orbit mall, Phoenix mall in the Pune are in Viman nagar.

There are so many facilities for the people, like, beautiful gardens, supermarket, shopping malls, the roads of this area are lined by small coffee shops, small hotels, bakeries, internet cafe. There is a Paragliding and Para motoring club named Fly India Para motor club.  It is especially for those people who loves adventurous life.It has plenty of green cover with number of big and small trees which are looked after by Panchasheel Foundation.

Accommodation in Viman Nagar

It has many famous star hotels like Hyatt, Sheraton, Jukaso INN. There are many Pizza burger joint, many places where you can get western food to enjoy. In future, Viman nagar will have high values because, of its high development. So, many hotels are there which are provides all of the basic facilities in reasonable rates.If you are ready to pay and wanted to enjoy luxurious life this will be a great option for you. Tourist out of the India mostly prefers this area to stay.


Some hotels in viman nagar to stay

  • Hotel Ibis Pune
  • Fortune Inn Jukaso
  • Sai Siesta Business Hotel
  • Hotel Hyatt
  • Hotel Sheraton

If you want to live the luxurious life of Pune you can choose a viman nagar as a optin

to chill out.


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